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These are some thoughts before you buy your first doll

It’s great to home shoot, and you may end up making your own doll. Get your clothes and accessories ready! “… I bought this doll for a single purpose. I don’t care about hairstyles, photography, or posing. These were my thoughts before I bought my first doll. They began to wither like lettuce after I opened the box. These dolls look so real that you’ll be forced to take photos. I asked anyone to answer me that they have never taken photos or videos of dolls, or at least not planned to.

You should be familiar with maintenance and cleaning. You must also agree to maintain the property after you have submitted it to your partner. It is important to keep your doll clean. It is important to know how to clean dolls. You should plan a cleaning schedule. An irrigator is included with the doll. Mix water and mildly diluted soap to clean the doll. To make the doll last longer, dry it properly after cleaning.

The FAQ is a great resource for cleaning and maintaining your love dolls for sale. We also have detailed information pages on how to clean and maintain it. What I don’t know about sex dolls is that they can be used to glue their eyelashes and nails, insert my eyes into sockets and sometimes tear the skin. It is possible for your doll to get stained if it is made from TPE. If this happens, you can order emergency TPE glue and a stain remover.

It is hard to stop one (sexy doll). Although I doubt it, I do not think I can. But be ready…your first doll might not be your last. Your real life sex doll will develop its own personality as you interact with other members on The Doll Forum. This is a journey. It’s a way of living. Now you are a member of The Doll Club. Remember to always be kind to the first doll. This isn’t cheating. It’s just sharing your love.

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