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There are three types of breasts for sex dolls: standard, hollow, and gel.

There are three types of breasts for tpe sex dolls: standard, hollow, and gel. Below is a list of all three types and their benefits and disadvantages.

It can be difficult to choose the right breast 100cm sex doll. We currently offer a wide range of breast types in our urdolls store. This is only the beginning of your options! This article will help make an informed decision on which breast type to use for your sex doll.

Standard breasts: Dolls with standard breasts can do many things that flat dolls cannot, like touching the breast curves, touching the breasts, touching them, sucking, biting and even subtle gestures such as kissing the breast curves, under the breasts, etc.

It doesn’t matter what material the Anime sex doll is made from, it will feel good to the touch. Suck, bite, and touch the breasts. High-quality silicone and TPE breasts will be strong, lively, and still have softness and elasticity.

This doll is for you if you want a pair super soft, elastic, big breasts. They are very fragile and slimy because of this. Some can be enjoyed behind-by-hand while hugging. These are filled with air and not TPE, filled gels or solid TPE. These breasts can be grabbed or bouncing around endlessly.

Gel breasts: These are the best option if you’re looking for realistic silicone sex dolls breasts. Gel breasts are essentially human fat and behave just like it. They are more soft than the standard breast option and stronger than the hollow breast option. You can even kiss the chest curve or under the chest with the gel. The gel offers a perfect compromise, bringing you closer to the feeling and movement of real breasts.

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