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“Therapeutic” child sex robots and dolls

Academics suggest that realistic sex doll could be used to help paedophiles. Ronald Arkin, Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Laboratory Director, suggested that paedophiles could use child sex robots in the same manner that methadone can be used to treat drug addicts at a 2014 robotics conference. This idea is rapidly gaining support in academic circles. Marc Behrendt, Universite Libre de Bruxelles philosopher, won the Inaugural David Levy special Best Paper Award for his paper from 2017. He proposed that child sexbots could be used as “alternative therapy” for paedophiles. Their use should be approved by doctors and in consultation with ethics boards.

There are many ideas on how paedophilic child sex robots and cheap sex doll could be controlled. While they shouldn’t necessarily be sold over-the-counter, some advocates suggest that they could be made available to paedophiles in a variety of circumstances. These include registration with a psychiatrist or therapy with close medical supervision. To purchase mini sex doll, users may be subject to random computer screenings by police or to apply for a special license (such as a gun license).

It is hard to believe that public authorities are proposing to be involved in a market for flat chest sex doll. It is even more concerning to think of special taxpayer-funded measures catering to paedophiles sexual preferences. However, such proposals are likely to be attractive to paedophiles.

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