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The world’s best sex doll production

The history of sex dolls is a complicated one. Neon Jun does not need to explain what sex doll bbw do. Let’s start with the history of sex toys. Japan is currently the most popular country for producing sex dolls. It is a rising star but it is also the largest “sex doll consumer market” in the world. And it has plenty of stamina. To be fair, there’s still a gap between Japan and the sex doll manufacturing industry. There are many sex dolls. The price is also high!

Japanese sex dolls are clearly more sophisticated, more beautiful and have more details. This Japanese “craftsman” spirit is evident in this masterpiece. One company must be mentioned when it comes to Japan’s sex doll manufacturing industry. It has flourished all over the world. Tsuchiya was the founder of the company. He used to own an adult goods shop, but discovered that the sex toys he sold often leak air and were not practical. So, he created a doll.

This product uses foamed plasticurethane as the bones and resin and rubber for the skin structure. It can be loaded or unloaded. It can also support 120 kg and have 90-degree open feet. The cheap love dolls is closer in all aspects to reality. It was also expensive at the time. The structure of the “faceshadow” was changed in 1987 to include the “shadow body”, which could perform more actions, and the “body shadow”, which was enhanced in 1992. In 1997, there were also the “three sisters”, who could switch their heads.

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