The World Of Sex Doll Buyers Has Changed

Apply baby oil to the love doll’s entire body and leave overnight. If she feels sticky the next day, powder the entire body with baby powder and finish with a pre-cleanse. If your doll has hyper-realistic drawings, she will wash it first. Don’t wash them with soap and water, as this will wash away their surreal paintings.

Create a file for your doll. I put receipts and factory documents inside. I created a size chart to help with online purchases. I have read it online. Usually people will say that the company buys all the specials. They will then be resold in batches. If you find a bundle that is the same size as your doll, you can buy multiple items for one low price. (only shipping).

Some people choose realistic sex dolls because they have suffered relationship trauma, women misbehaving and doing nasty things to them make them sad and insecure. Some people like sex dolls to save money on boring dates and unnecessary social connections. Also, some men like to date different women for fun, but this is not possible in reality, so they choose one or more sex dolls to satisfy their desires. Even a trio is no problem.

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