The ways to cover your sex doll


The ways to cover your sex doll

Use the shipping box or container:

You can use any size delivery box. These boxes can be placed under your bed so that you don’t have to worry about getting in or out. To protect your shemale sex doll from any damage, wrap it in a soft blanket. To make it more difficult for anyone to open, you can also place different objects inside the container. Wrap the crate in other boxes or objects to make it even more secure. You should make sure your family members or friends cannot open the container. They will see the many boxes and crates underneath your bed.

Find the nearest location:

It may seem that hiding the doll in a safe place is safer than hiding it. If you place it correctly, it may be the most secure. A drill is required to attach a lock to the door handle.

Your custom sex doll will be covered if it is impossible for anyone to get in. You should not place the doll in your home. Wrap the doll in a protective case.

To stop people from sneaking up on you, think twice. To confuse people, put on valuables. This will ensure that you have your #1 sexy doll at all times to provide sexual pleasure whenever you want it. After adding the lock, your office will be transformed into a secret haven.

Some people have enough space to store their sex toys in a secret place. This may come at a higher cost than a lock.

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