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The synthetic material used in sex dolls is not suited to ultraviolet radiation

Be gentle. Do not scrub the doll too hard during cleaning. Also, don’t make it rough while having sex with the doll. huge tits sex doll can be fragile but should not be left unattended or exposed to high temperatures.

Make your sexy doll look beautiful. One of her most interesting features is dressing up sex dolls in underwear. Be aware that some fabrics can stain dolls if they are dyed. Be careful not to leave dyes or marks on doll’s artificial skin when choosing clothes. Be gentle when dressing your doll.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Avoid placing sex toys in direct sunlight. big booty sex dolls synthetic materials are damaged by heat and ultraviolet radiation.

Correct posture. Remember to be straight when posing for sex as a doll. You can place her in a natural position until you feel the need to use her again. This will allow her to be patient and ready to wait. We hope your male sex toy can give you a long, productive life. This is a great investment in your sexual pleasure.

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