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The Sunday game of Korean football saw sex dolls used as fans

but they are not intended for sexual use. This was confirmed by the manufacturer at the beginning.

Social media posts from Seoul Football Club show that the dolls are wearing formal attire but are oddly shaped. In an Instagram post, the Seoul Football Club admitted that the plastic participants didn’t want to play at home and offered its apologies. The team blamed their suppliers for the chaos caused by torso doll sex toy. Seoul Football Club won the match 1-0.

“We are sorry for the auxiliary model placed during the competition May 17. These fashion models might look and feel real, but they are not intended for sex-originally verified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s website is currently unavailable. The club stated that it was their intention to be lighthearted during hard times. We will take a serious look at what we can do to prevent such events from happening again.

Fun Doll Squad likes football games. South Korea was able to reopen after a corona virus ban. The South Korean football team apologised for using sex dolls in place of fans during Sunday games. Seoul Football Club defeated Gwangju Football Club. They released a statement saying that they had “no regrets” not noticing that the models in the grandstand were sexual.

It seems that sex dolls are good at lifting placards and bringing joy to football games. enthusiasm. The team should not apologize for sex doll bbw that are not male sex toys, but praise them for being eager to achieve new goals, even if they have to pretend otherwise.

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