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The Sex Toy and Sex Doll Industry is not regulated

The short answer to this question is yes. Mini dolls can be legally purchased in almost all countries and regions where sex toys or flat chest sex dolls are legal. We will be careful to make sure that “mini love dolls”, even though they are very small, aren’t illegal or obscene. Their design includes specific functions and proportions for adults. We don’t want to be asked this question lightly so we have reached out to customs officials in all countries/regions we serve to confirm that the “fucking anime sex doll” is legal. Mini dolls can only be ordered by customers who are residents of countries/regions that we consider legal. We have shipped mini dolls of love to the world 10 years consecutively without any accidents.

You should know that there is no regulation of the tpe doll and sex toys industry. This means that there is no government agency that can verify that the materials are compliant with the manufacturer’s specifications or that they are safe for you. Because only American companies can legally be held responsible for selling toxic products to you or lying to you, I recommend only buying dolls made by American manufacturers. All American sex doll makers (such as Realdoll or Mini Love Dolls), use platinum silicone. It is also not an accident that TPE is used by all foreign manufacturers. This should grab your attention.

These wigs are much easier to attach and can be firmly attached to the head of the doll. It is quick and easy to use, so most doll owners will be happy with it. There are rarely any restrictions. We can however explore other possible methods.

The desire to have sexy sex doll in many different ways is possible if we have sufficient tactical skills. These six are just a few of the many options we have.

We must remember, sex is first a mind-body relationship. Sometimes what we do is not always exact but copied. Let’s believe we can always improve through sex dolls.

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