The sex doll I have is better than the real wife?

The sex doll I have is better than the real wife? Maybe sometimes I want to say “yes”.

Masayuki Ozaki bounced back after the spark that was his marriage sank and he began an affair with an mini sex dolls made of rubber that who he says is one of the loves in his life.

The extremely realistic silicone model, known as Mayu is a guest under the same roof with his wife and daughter in Tokyo A unique arrangement that led to violent disputes prior to the family settling an uneasy peace.

Ozaki 45 year old Ozaki, who said that after my wife had her baby after which we stopped having sex with sex dolls for men and I was left with a strong feeling of isolation.

“But when I was able to see Mayu at the showroom there was a love-at-first-sight.”

“My wife was in a state of anger when I took Mayu home. She is now able to live with it, but reluctantly.”

“When my daughter realized it wasn’t a huge Barbie doll she was terrified and declared it disgusting. But now she’s old enough and can share the clothes of Mayu.”

Ozaki who is a physiotherapist, brings his doll to appointments in wheelchairs and wears hairdos, sexy clothing and jewels.

He has admitted to being off by relationships with people while on a beach walk with his rubber buddy, “Japanese women are heartless.”

“They are extremely selfish. Men would like somebody to listen to their needs and not sneer when they get back from work.”

“Whatever my issues may be, Mayu is always there waiting to help me. I am in love with her to the core and would love to spend my whole life with her.”

“I am unable to imagine going back to the human form. I’d like to be buried alongside her and then take her up to the heavens.”

Ozaki is one of a increasing variety of Japanese who are turning to sex-doll romance in a nation which has lost its luster.

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