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The sex doll could melt if heated.

You can clean the exterior of the perfect sex doll by using soap and water. Do not dry the doll with a hair dryer. If it is heated to more than 40oC, it could melt. Apply some baby powder to her skin. It will absorb any moisture and enhance the feel.

We recommend three tampons to dry the holes: one for the mouth and one for the vagina. The other is for the anal opening. The tampon can be easily inserted, absorbs moisture and does not produce fluff. It can also be removed with a cotton strip. The majority of the sperm-lubricant mixture is absorbed by the tampon. This allows you to move the doll easily without fear of dropping it. After a few minutes, you can easily remove the tampon.

You could make her skin folds look more like scars if you keep it in a bent position such as sitting or raising your arms.

Because TPE is porous, it can cause stains to appear on clothing’s skin. You are more likely to get stains if you wear dark clothes than if you wear light-colored clothes. This is especially true if you have just bought new clothes. Please make sure that you take your doll’s clothes off when not in use to prevent them from falling on your skin.

You should not buy it if it’s a fragile and soft love doll nude. It will begin to melt if the water temperature is higher than 35degC (95degF). The process of melting is almost irreversible. It is important to monitor the water temperature.

How do you clean your head?

Because of their delicate makeup, dolls’ faces will become blurred if they come into contact with water. Plastic is used in some sex toys. To make the product better, other substances may be added. This can cause chemical reactions with other substances. You should therefore choose a detergent that is washable.

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