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The secret history of adult sex dolls and migrant workers

He is a typical post-90s generation worker in a large, underconstruction community. He moved to the south with his village friends after completing high school. It has been almost three years since he left. He appears to be a normal post-90s migrant worker. But he believes that although his life has been hard and unchanged, there are still some moments of happiness. The sex doll anime has been his companion for over 700 nights and days in the last three years!

He is pure sex doll store from the viewpoint of his friends and family. Very few others are involved in the same work. So? Is it possible for such a person to be happy? Is “she” a person?

He gave her the name Xiao Jing. He would hum a casual love song every day from the construction site to his shed. He knew that people were waiting for them, and Xiao Jing was just as eager for him. As simple as that:

I sing to the sky, the wind blows gently, it’s the most simple and joyful moment of the day. He could not let go of Xiao Jing because of her endless solitude and the countless nights filled with comfort.

He will ride her on a construction site for a few days each month to take her to a quiet spot in the city, or to the country, or both. He will continue to hum the same lyrics, but it is not often.

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