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The rise of sex can be apparent in the ownership of robots and dolls sex.

Keyword teen sex dolls. Sex robot. Sexual abuse prevention was introduced that the sales of humanoid dolls that are realistically designed to be sexually attractive is a multimillion-dollar global market. The latest dolls are completely customizable as well as the marketplace is beginning to open for dolls that can be designed to look like real people and even adult film stars. Certain models have artificial intelligence as well as the capability to appear to talk to them.

The person who owns it (called the sexual robot). The rise of sex is evident in the presence of robots and sex dolls that have drawn increasing legal, academic and social interest to the subject. As more and more interest to dolls for children and robots, the second of these areas becomes ever more crucial. Affected by the conviction of importing these products. Despite the increasing scrutiny to the issue, there isn’t any empirical research-based evidence regarding the motivations and effects of possessing dolls.

Though a handful of studies and reports from government agencies have been published that claim that they do, they tend to be brief. It is concluded that there isn’t any tangible evidence of the ownership rights of custom sex doll that are sexually explicit, and they recommend limit the supply and sale of dolls until evidence is available. In this paper the aim is to examine the main arguments pertaining to the motives and effects that a person has by owning an item however, we go beyond other articles and present an objective evaluation on these claims.

 Which could be who is the (potential) person who owns the Flat chested doll? The current possession of documents pertaining to robots and sex dolls appears to suggest that these items are primarily sexually-oriented. While this could be true in a certain degree, research evidence suggests that viewing dolls and robots with sexual lenses is not enough to hinder our understanding of the phenomenon.

In more than 80percent of cases the purpose is followed by other purposes. In the most exhaustive study of the motivations of doll owners Su and his coworkers examined forum posts of more than 5,500 subjects and compiled the largest theoretical study of the japanese sex doll owner. This led to the collection of almost 80.000 posts over the 14-year period between 2001 and 2015. In coding these posts, various motives were identified. Alongside pure sexual motives (that is an sex partner who can be described as “willing” and available when sexual satisfaction is desired) The owners utilize this forum for discussion on ways to make use of their sex dolls’ to perform artistic tasks (such like photography) and also how to make them into a close connection with them.

 In the beginning of their journey Japanese owners of sex dolls speak about embracing their new companions and creating their own identities through realistic tattoos and makeup. The doll says to help their new partners and give them the power to speak. Based on Su and his associates it provides the owner with the illusion of intimacy. This is the primary doll that creates the close connection between them and their owners.

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