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 With the increasingly fierce competition in the mini sex doll industry, various love doll manufacturers are showing their magic, constantly improving their technical level and striving to win more market share. A series of innovative adult love doll and robots will be launched this year, including highly advanced artificial intelligence to automatically build “self” models and designs.

During past COVID-19 outbreaks,flat chest sex doll makers have experienced a surge in demand for lonely customers who accompany them. Along the way, they received many strange requests and started experimenting with their designs. G-cup Mariska 165cm 6YE Sex Doll Improve The User’s Love Doll Experience The company wants to give customers the opportunity to customize their curvy sex dolls, and the company’s employees plan to replicate elements from anime and games. That means there will be more beautiful faces, beautiful bodies, realistic skin tones, beautiful skin tones, and plans to focus on many of the popular elements that can be seen in Japanese school anime.

They said: “One of our best-selling collections is JK Models, which is a cultural image of innocence, youth and vitality that young people are looking for today, and we’ve also lightened the weight on love bbw sex dolls. Sex Dolls Are Becoming Intelligent In addition, the sex doll industry pays attention to the level of technology to conquer the industry. In previous exhibitions, some companies proposed that they can make their own thick love dolls, just like making characters for computer games. We are also working on developing more AI capabilities. In a mundane story, Real doll in the US has partnered with Abyss Creations to create and deliver world-class AI companion learning robots. It’s so real you can have a conversation.

Employees at these companies are now designing models with more responsiveness and built-in sensors, and transplanting faces from more static sex doll production lines into the faces of AI robots. There are no other love dolls or robots on the market with anime or learning artificial intelligence, and the real doll industry is a leader in this technology and seems to be expanding the market. A body that can be paired with a robotic head is also under study. If all goes according to plan, the touch area will be equipped with sensors that will respond to touches and react accordingly, which will be a major breakthrough for synth partners.

Many domestic caring cheap sex doll suppliers also plan to release some new innovative designs, most of which have been exhibited at the exhibition or in the industry, such as the rotatable head, the “pseudo-breathing” function of the lower body “WM”, The “chicken skin” of “Imitate Masato and other materials.

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