The purchase of sex dolls can be thought about in 4 aspects:

The purchase of sex dolls can be thought about in 4 aspects:

1. HEAD.

The product of the sex doll’s head will affect the beauty of the face and makeup. The head constructed from silicone material is typically a lot more delicate and practical than the one made of TPE product, yet the rate is typically a little bit greater. Nonetheless, the silicone material is harder as well as does not usually have channels in the mouth, whereas the TPE product is softer as well as has channels in the mouth. For a greater budget, you can likewise buy a hair transplant head. The structure of the hair is not different from that of an actual person.

2. BODY.

Body materials are generally used to satisfy physical requirements, and also TPE suffices. If it is made use of for digital photography and also dressing and requires a much more realistic shape, you can choose the silicone product (higher cost). Then take care to pick the number and elevation, the height is typically 100cm-180cm, the bigger it is, the heavier it is (might be so hefty that you can not move it ~ it’s much better to ask the weight of the cheap sex dolls to the customer care prior to you buy).


The bones of the doll figure out the posture that the tpe sex dolls can take. The sex doll can take lots of positions thanks to the current skeletal joints. it has the flexibility of gymnastics, Do not fail to remember to ask the customer service prior to purchasing.


Choose far better brand names, hair, eye colour, hairstyle, three-point style, etc can be combined as you like, you can select your preferred taste.

As a matter of fact, silicone sex doll can be acquired according to individual circumstance, cost, brand name and also residential as well as international positioning. Allow’s check out these 3 facets in detail listed below.

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