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The most expensive sex doll looks exactly like a real person

Her price tag is one of the most costly real sex dolls. Why? Her workmanship is excellent, the sex toys are made of silicone or rubber, look great, and almost like real people. They are realistic but have flaws. Let’s find out which sex dolls are the most expensive.

1. Good workmanship is what makes dolls so pricey.

Its 100% resemblance with real people has attracted everyone’s interest. The doll and the real person were together at the exhibition. If the doll doesn’t move, you can assume that the two of them are twins. The average monthly production of best sex dolls by companies is between 500-600 dolls. The doll materials they make are very special so their prices can be high.

2. What type of dolls do you have?

Dolls are toys that dogs only want. They are generally searched for on urdolls. They come in many styles and shapes. They are available in a variety of prices, from very low to extremely high. There are many options for purchasing them. Some are more expensive than others. There are hundreds, if not thousands. These dolls can’t compete with the most expensive supersex doll in the world. Because they are simulated dolls, their shapes are generally not as realistic as real people’s. There are several grades for the solid doll. TPE dolls of low grade are made from a material that cannot be compared to the human body. The structure is also limited in its ability to simulate simple joint movements and can easily be deformed.

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