The most effective sexual positions to test with your doll

1. The M-position is used to gain Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl.

If there are two major positions that everyone would like to test, they are the cowgirl and doggy styles. For some particularly new owners of dolls it isn’t easy to convince their dolls to accept these positions and also the discomfort that comes from the weight and size of their sex dolls. Therefore, before we can begin with the basics, it is important to understand the fundamentals of how to position. Cowgirl is perhaps the most difficult to position and often requires double joints or a better skeleton Unfortunately there aren’t all dolls designed equally in the area of skeleton! We suggest that, if you’re thinking of photography or higher-end Kama Sutra positions, you have the most effective skeleton you can Standing feet is also beneficial as it lets you adopt different positions.

If you own a doll which is large and hard to move or has a bad back that hinders you from lifting it and then the M position is ideal to allow you to switch positions.

2. Sitting on the chair

It is evident that furniture can be a fantastic way to try new positions. It is possible to test at it in the stairs at the table, within the home The best position is to simply sit on an armchair. It’s very comfortable to lie back on your back, and the petite sex doll is able to sit on your lap and gaze at you with a smile. In the case of an armchair it is possible to place the doll’s legs in it and make use of arms as pivots to move the doll around – be sure to keep it in place and don’t let it fall forward!

The process of getting the doll to the arm of the chair is difficult for larger big booty sex doll and with these, you could try sitting on the chair without arms. Or, if it’s a doll at a standing height, you can turn it around and bounce it around on your lap.

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