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The Japanese sex doll is given new life

Pygmalion’s story is like this: A marble sculptor created a beautiful statue of a girl in marble. The sculptor fell in love with the girl because of her beauty. The sculptor treats the girl as his wife and vows to never marry a woman of any kind. Pygmalion prayed every day to the god that the sculpture might become his wife. Eros moved him and made the young sex doll his wife.

Ovid’s epic “The Metamorphosis”, a chapter of Ovid’s epic poem, featured this Greek myth story. It inspired Frankenstein, Pinocchio and My Fair Lady. Other works, such as the romantic comedy Crush (90s), and many other works, have also been inspired by it. David the Cat, who lives in Michigan with his three inflatable dolls, may be the true successor to Pygmalion. He bought his first TPE sex doll. The other two, Muriel and Elena, were his “close friends”.

In the past and the present, men who couldn’t “become dependents” with the beautiful sculpture had sex with japanese sex dolls made of TPE. They are known as “Mrs. Travelers” in France and “Miss Travellers” in Spanish. These dolls are made by sailors using stitches and threads. The Japanese sex doll “Mrs. Holland” has been renamed after the leather masturbation dolls that were hand-stitched by Dutch sailors in 17th century Japan.

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