The drawbacks of the TPE sex doll.

The drawbacks of the TPE sex dolls.

It is simple to stain. Be cautious with newspapers, dark leather , or any leather item that has oil-soluble colors.

Leather is sometimes sticky to the contact. This can be easily removed using baby powder.

It is an impervious and porous material and makes the bbw sex doll harder to clean, and also facilitates the development of mould and bacteria inside. It is recommended to keep your dolls dry, particularly in the vagina and the anal cavity.

TPE dolls are extremely sensitive to heat and it is not recommended to use them when you shower, or hot baths. If the temperature rises higher than 40oC and the TPE may lose its elasticity and begin to melt.

The overall look of TPE dolls isn’t like that of silicone dolls.

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