The downside of sex doll

The downside of sex doll

( 1) The experience is unbelievable

A teen sex doll whose head as well as body are divided has a noticeable gap at the neck. This is great if the gap is covered by hair, but if it is exposed to the outside, the experience is really bad. It appears like a phony mannequin in a clothing store.

( 2) Easy to damage

Due to the fact that a sex doll with different head and body uses screws as well as screws to rotate or press to attach the head and body, these equipment parts will inevitably wear out after long-term usage, as well as the used components will certainly make the love doll’s head weak.

( 3) Easy to get away

When the head is gotten rid of for cleansing, if the cleansing technique is not appropriate, water will conveniently leakage into the big booty sex doll through the area in the neck, which will certainly trigger troubles of wetness, mold and mildew and also wear and tear of materials inside the doll.

( 4) Head-body disparity

Sex dolls with a different head as well as body are generally made individually. If the client has a personalized skin colour, the skin colour of the head and also body may be various because of material mixing issues.

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