The doll should be cleaned with soap

The doll should be cleaned with soap and water after every use, particularly if you do not wear condoms or put your hands inside the doll.

The best way for this is to set the doll upon a table or another flat surface. Choose a sponge you cut to be the size of the doll’s pussy mouth or ass and secure it to the outside of 12″ clamps for medical devices. Inject the sponge into the clamps, then soak the sponge in warm soap and water, and then rub all over the opening from the back to the front. Repeat the process needed.

There are different ways to wash the sex doll‘s insides. For instance, many manufacturers have a “turkey baster” that can be used to wash the holes. Our experience has shown that it’s not as powerful and is not able to provide the same results like a fully-fledged sponge cleaning. If you own an even more robust pressure washer that a basic sponge, it could work however, make sure the pressure of water isn’t too high that it causes damage to the material of TPE.

If it is cleaned, clean the holes using a fresh sponge. Warm water. Take a towel, wrap it in a ball and then squeeze it into the clamp. Dab the holes until it’s dry. I would also suggest that, following drying your hole this manner, you grab another towel and roll it into a tampon-like shape. Place it back into the hole using the medical tweezers, and leave it to dry overnight so that it can absorb any moisture that remains.

It is essential that you do not just wash your tpe sex dolls‘s interior and dry it off from the inside. Even a well-maintained small sex doll could develop mould or become infected when it is kept in water.

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