The differences in between TPE as well as Silicone

The differences in between TPE as well as Silicone:

a. Melt Temperature

TPE is a selection of elastomer products with rubber elasticity at area temperature level and also thaw streaming at high temperature. Silicone is a sort of unique rubber, which has good mechanical stamina, wear-resistance as well as heat resistance after cross connecting. It is a type of thermosetting rubber. After vulcanization, it will not melt and also shed when the temperature level is expensive. The product of total burning is water and also silica.

b. Analytical Framework

They vary in their logical structure: Silicone is the elastomer with its main chain linked by silicon oxygen, and also its side chain is normally methyl class, that is, CH3.TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer with styrene, olefins and polyurethane. The main difference between them is that a person is SI02 structure as well as the various other is CC structure.

c. Processing Performance

From the point of view of handling performance: Silicone gel is generally molded by hydraulic press. Some fluid silica gel can be injected into injection molding equipment, but it also includes cross linking such a chemical process. The handling cycle is reasonably long, as well as waste scrap can not be reused. TPE is a polycarbonate material, which can be injected and also extruded. There is no cross-linking. Overall, the processing cycle is shorter than that of silica gel, and also the waste scrap can be reused.

d. Temperature level Resistance

Silicone transcends to TPE in heat resistance. Temperature resistance of silica gel is generally 200 levels between 300 levels, and also TPE generally TPE warmth resistance 130-150 levels Celsius, aging and also cracking under the higher temperature.

e. Cost

The price of silicone is usually greater than 5000USD per heap, while the cost of basic TPE is between 2000-5000 USD. The cost of TPE is much more beneficial than that of silicone products, except these special TPE materials, such as halogen-free flame resistant, food quality and so forth.

f. Recyclable

From the price perspective, the waste of silicone can not be recuperated while TPE waste, nozzle material, scrap and more can be totally reused, to ensure that TPE can save much more costs. Both factor 5 as well as point 6 reveal the reason that silicone bbw sex doll are extra expensive than TPE sex doll.

g. Flexibility

From the factor of flexibility, silicone product has exceptional elasticity. The silicone is a vulcanized cross connecting system with 100% elastic healing. TPE has good flexibility, as a polycarbonate elastomer with great strength, but TPE physical crosslinking, to ensure that there will certainly be a particular long-term contortion. High molecular weight TPE products have much better strength.

h. Surface area Level of smoothness

From the point of surface area level of smoothness, the surface level of smoothness of silicone has a wider variety of firmness. Normally, 20-80A silica gel materials have exceptional surface area level of smoothness, and the surface area is not easy to stick to dirt. The surface area smoothness of TPE is a little inferior to that of silica gel. The softer the TPE is, the higher the distinction between the smoothness and also silicone is.

i. Environmentally Friendly

In terms of ecological characteristics, silicone is more environmentally friendly than TPE, and also it has passed American food-grade FDA 21CFR 177.2600. TPE excellent environmental protection products has no halogen, no o benzene plasticizer, no bisphenol A, no nonyl phenol NP and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), in accordance with ROHS REACHHN EN71. When it comes to the United States food-grade test 21CFR 177.2600, the market generally assumes that it is really challenging to pass, for it requires higher for TPE blending system.

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