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The criteria for adult sex products in the sex doll industry

The way people view sex is changing is slowly, and so is their attitude to adult products. They have not waited to be followed up at the policy management level. It is unclear what the definition standards and supervision of adult sex products have been. The definition standards and supervision of the adult product industry for tranny sex doll are unclear. Long management is a legal basis that gives the authority to management a wider range of powers, which can lead to the loss of supervision functions.

There is a gradual shift in the concept and demand for adult products. Li Jihong is optimistic that the Japanese adult sex market will continue to grow in spite of its increasing popularity. The sex market for foreign adult products has been around for 70 years. However, the sex toys are just 20 years old. Vacuum markets are still being developed.

Li Jihong stated that the problem of counterfeit goods, hard supervision and difficult returns is a major concern. There are many places that can be used to gather industry information, such as wholesale markets and other areas. Should be used to supervise the industry. Market regulation small breast sex doll adult Over 65% of respondents are able to accept adult products as gifts and 23% have received gifts.

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