The best method to protect your doll to your spouse!

The best method to protect your sex dolls to your spouse!


Your garage could be used as a storage space for your bbw sex doll when you’re a bit imaginative. We’ve all seen that sex dolls are stored in huge boxes. Most of the time people simply throw them to the curb because they’re useless. For you, however these boxes can prove beneficial. All you need to do is pack up your doll and put the sex doll in your garage. You can also buy boxes to hold your dolls. The next step is simple to pack the dolls into your garage. If you want to be extra careful you could also place various other items in your garage in order to hide what you consider to be the “real stuff”. If your wife is interested for a reason, you can create any excuse you want that they’re old and useless.


A lot of sex doll lovers tend to conceal their dolls in wardrobes. You could also apply this method to conceal your beloved doll. The only requirement is that your closet must be large enough to accommodate your complete sexually explicit doll. The idea is easy Simply place your doll in the back of your closet and then put your clothes on the front. This will ensure that the doll safe, since your wife will not take over your closet. This technique is great if you are using doll torsos instead larger dolls because they’re more easily tucked away within the space that is available in your wardrobe. However, this method can also work with dolls of human size as long as you have enough space in your wardrobe so that they can be properly hidden.

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