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Technical Articles-How To Repair Damaged Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are an amazing thing. They are created through molds. Due to the alloy welded internal skeleton the dolls, they can take it on even when the owner moves more vigorously.But as they age, time their skin as well as TPE materials will eventually be damaged. In the case of certain damages that cannot be repaired, normal scratches can be fixed. The only requirement is that if you’ve got a enough knowledge of repair techniques, you are able to fix these damage.

The most common type of damage big booty sex doll in sex may sustain are dents that result from impact or tears resulting from excessive pulling. Furthermore, if it is not properly stored and properly, it could cause further damages for the doll. Don’t be worried about this , as it’s only a couple of steps to fix the doll.

If you are looking to fix the sex doll you have the way you can, one of the tools you’ll need includes the infrared thermometer. This tool is highly beneficial because it offers real-time temperature feedback while repairing. You must know that TPE is an extremely temperature-sensitive material.

A hot towel is a straightforward repair procedure requires only an icy towel to cover visible scratches to the doll’s body in a brief duration. After the damaged area gets hot, you can put on your gloves and gently rub the affected area using your hands. Repeat with your hands until the marks no longer apparent.

Hair dryer heating

The hair dryer isn’t only used to blow our hair. Although a majority people believe that it is only used to dry our hair In reality it’s also an excellent tool for fixing dolls that sex. This method needs an unclean, wet towel.

To prevent the doll from staining using a white cloth as much as you can, protect the dent with an uncovered towel and the dent with the aid of a hair dryer. Following continuous heating, the scratches will begin to heal. Apart from repair the damage to the indentation caused by the shemale sex doll, another common issue that a sex doll can endure is abrasions and tears. These methods can be utilized to repair this kind of damage.

Use glue made of TPE

When you’ve located the tear and locating the area torn, use a pointed instrument and apply just a little bit TPE glue. After that, evenly apply TPE glue across the two side of the tear. seal each side of the tear and leave it for a couple of minutes until the tear is fully fixed and sealed. When applying glue be sure the damaged area is thoroughly cleaned. It is possible to apply 70% propanol ethylene cleaning solvent to clean the area.

Another option is using a spatula in order to spread the glue evenly across the inner surface of the tear. Be careful not to put too much glue the spatula as it can cause the glue to get to even the surface of your mini sex doll. Once you’ve sealed your tear remove the glue with a clean towel. Be careful not to remove the glue using your fingers, since it can leave damage to the doll. Then, let the doll for a duration.

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