Step-by-step guide for cleaning the doll


You’ll require a surface that will allow you to get your flat chest sex doll wet. If there is a bathroom nearby, better. Use towels as well as the products for cleaning that we mentioned earlier.

How do you wash a mini sex doll

Cleaning the vaginal orifices anus , and mouth

There is no exemption. If you are using an orifice even for a few seconds, you need to take care to clean it. This is :

Wash off any bodily fluids. Make use of the vaginal douche described above.

You can water it with a sports bottle. A specific cleanser that foams is ideal. A mild soap and water mixture is also acceptable.

Use a soft brush ensure all surfaces are clean. After that, wash everything thoroughly.

Dry the outside. Don’t store the doll in a damp state.

Cleansing your doll’s face

If there’s no damage A simple clean using a moist cloth is enough. Some people love to put makeup over their dolls. Make use of a makeup remover that is oil-free to remove this. Be cautious not to use oils-based cleansers that leave marks.

Cleansing your hair like a bbw sex doll

If there isn’t any dirt, your doll’s hair doesn’t need to be scrubbed frequently. Simple shampoo and rinse will do the trick. Many people like washing their dolls hair in the bathroom sink. Some dolls can do well with a spray of shampoo. The good thing is that when you purchase an authentic doll with real hair it can be styled however you want. This is a fantastic method to create a variety of styles that will satisfy your dreams.

Drying your sex doll following cleaning

Always dry your doll after washing it. A damp doll could encourage the growth of bacteria and cause an unpleasant smell can develop. Pat your doll dry, do not rub it. Make sure you use a cloth that is lint-free and does not create unattractive lint.

What to avoid while cleaning your doll

Unfortunately, some have made mistakes that seriously caused damage to their dolls. Here’s a list items to be avoided:

The process of cleaning is delayed If germs multiply and multiply your doll’s health is compromised. There isn’t any degree of cleanliness that can ensure that it is safe.

Submerge a doll into water, in particular in the event that it is equipped with electronic components.

Applying an oil-based cosmetic in and around your doll.

Storing your wet doll.

How do you keep your doll in good health

Give your doll love and respect. You’ll reap many years of sexual delight.


Make sure your doll is supported properly when you carry it around and move it. Don’t pull or drag her from her weakest areas like her neck or elbows. If she does, she’s likely to be injured. In sex, be careful not to get too rough. Don’t bend your parts of the body against natural movements. Don’t strike your doll with force and bend or twist it. If it causes injury to the human body then it is likely to harm your doll. This is particularly the case for fantasy dolls made of plush or inflatable.

Storage and moving

If you must relocate, put your doll in a container or wrap in blanket. This will help prevent any damage caused by rough handling.

In terms of storage, your options could be different. Some people keep their dolls out in the open. The majority prefer something more private. Certain dolls have storage boxes that is able to be closed and secured. There are even hangers that are specifically designed for dolls. They can transform your wardrobe into a perfect storage space for your doll.

Don’t store your doll with clothes that are too heavy. Colors may seep through the skin of your doll. Be sure to keep your doll within or around other objects that can transfer colours or staining. Keep in mind that these marks are usually private.

Replacing the parts of your doll

What happens when a piece is damaged or wears out? Are they able to be replaced? Are they difficult to replace? What is the cost?

The good news is that You can repair many components yourself. Many of these repairs can be made using things you have around your house. In other cases, you might need to purchase replacement parts.

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