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If you purchase a love doll, you have two options available, standing feet or no standing feet. The majority of the time, standing feet cost more. Some customers choose not to opt for standing feet. However, we always advise customers to choose standing feet for their sexually attractive flat chested sex doll.

Standing feet is by far the most favored feature we have for our love dolls. This feature allows your loved ones to stand up straight like humans do.

Standing feet are the only option real love dolls come with bolts made of metal at the bottom of the feet. This makes it easy to know whether your beloved doll is equipped with standing feet or not. You can tell the function when your supplier provides factory pictures to you after the doll is complete.

There are numerous benefits having feet that are standing for your true loved ones:

1) Great for photography

2.) Ideal for keeping an item upright. As we have mentioned in the storage guidelines it’s not advisable to put your doll horizontally, without moving her. Storing the doll in a vertical position is ideal solution, with no stress upon the body.

3.) Helping you dress your mini sex doll

4.) Help clean the doll’s love

5) It is convenient to move the sex doll around

6.) Love dolls may wear various styles of shoes and can make beautiful poses.

7.) There is the possibility of having sexual sex with her when you are standing.

As with a coin, everything comes with pros and cons. There are disadvantages with the standing feet , too:

1.) There are bolt heads at the foot’s bottom. If you’re a fan of feet lover, you may not like the bolt heads.

2.) The feet that stand aren’t as flexible as non-standing feet. They aren’t able of moving up or side-to-side but they are they able to be moved downwards.

Important reminder:

1.) Please do not let your beloved custom sex doll go unsupervised in a position of standing or without support in the event she or he falls.

2.) While your dolls who have standing feet are able to wear flat and high-heeled shoes We highly recommend placing the doll on a the support.

This option for standing feet can be used to all love dolls that are realistic apart from the dolls 65-99cm and the torsos of sex love dolls.

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