How to make sex dolls look good will provide a permanent makeup for your mini sex doll when you purchase it. You can add cosmetics to your doll’s permanent makeup.

A great way to make the experience more real is to add a cherry red lipstick to your doll before you give her a blow-out. This is a short guide on how to make your doll look sexy. Let us know your thoughts by reading the tips and tricks.

From the ordinary to the sexy starlet

Cosmetics are a great way for your love doll to be the girl you want. It’s amazing how makeup can make a girl look different.

Next time you see a porn scene, take a look at it. Take a look at the make-up on the girl. There is probably a lot of light behind her, so she is likely wearing lots of foundation and toner.

Mascara and eyeliner can also enhance the eyes, making them more attractive.

Your creativity and artistic expression

You have the chance to express your creativity when you put makeup on your sex doll. Practice on your doll and draw inspiration from your surroundings. You won’t be upset if it goes wrong the first time.

After playing around with various cosmetics, you’ll eventually be able to make your own sex doll. The world is your oyster and you can use as many cosmetics as you want.

Get inspired

You don’t have to look far for inspiration. Porn stars are often responsible for their makeup on set and before they arrive on location. If they don’t look good on film, porn stars will lose their job prospects.

Take a look at the makeup of the sexiest women you admire, and then search online for the best products to reproduce the results.

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