Sometimes, falling in love with a sex doll could be boring

Sometimes, falling in love with an adorable doll could be boring

Sometimes, making love to an adorable sex dolls can become boring. Each time, you’ll need to add a small amount of lubricant in order to keep moving. If you press on the doll for five minutes, you must apply lube to ensure that her vagina stays moist and that’s worse than sexual contact with real women.

Weight of the doll could cause a lot of problems. The body made of silicone and the alloy skeleton weigh a lot. This makes it very difficult to move.

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The weight of a 165cm sexually active thick sex doll is between 80 and 100 pounds. And you need to lift it yourself. The real woman will not need to be moved since she communicates with you in a variety of ways.

Cleaning and maintaining an sex model of mini sex doll is not simple also. While there are numerous ways to do it but it’s still challenging for lazy people.

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