Something must be noticed regarding your doll


Something must be noticed regarding your sex doll

Be cautious with the your hands and face of your sexually explicit doll. The face is delicate with features like eyelashes and makeup Therefore, be careful and it will appear better and last longer. Hands and wrists aren’t built to hold weight and can be easily twisted when changing positions. If you are changing positions make sure you are careful with your hands spread out and ensure that they do not get stuck in the doll’s body, as should they get too twisty it could cause the wrist to pop from its socket. Alternatively, wires may pass through your fingers.

In the future, based on the care you give to the tpe sex dolls, it could require minor repairs. If this happens then please contact us and, if it is possible we’ll recommend an approach to repair.

We want all of our customers to be able to play with their dolls the longest time possible So, make sure you ensure your investment is protected!

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