Some ways to get rid of your sex doll

Some ways to get rid of your silicone sex doll

1 Trash or recycling

Don’t just throw it in a bin bag and call it a day. Some people might think it is a body and that is not very good for the environment either. In any case, someone might bring it back to you with a complaint or a fine. You then end up with a stinking love doll you don’t want and probably some airtime on the local news channel. Your best bet is to find out about recycling options, either by contacting the teen sex doll suppliers, in which case they might dispose of it for free (or even give you money if you’re lucky), or by finding a way to dispose of/recycle it legally with a waste disposal company. In this case, mention the material the sex doll is made of (metal, silicone, TPE or both) and to avoid embarrassment, call it a mannequin rather than an immobile sex queen. If you don’t feel like doing these things, you can always do the easy thing and throw it in your neighbour’s bin. We don’t recommend this option unless your neighbours are the writers of Game of Thrones.

2 Sell

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there looking for used love dolls. Post an ad on Craigslist and wait patiently for the hurricane of mind-blowing messages. While this is a very easy way to get rid of your favorite doll, remember the reasons for posting the ad. Keep the price under $100, even if you’ve taken good care of Busty Amy 2.0. And unless you like the spotlight, your identity must be protected. Beware of people trying to expose you for something you are not. Don’t share personal information, and if someone suspicious comes to your house looking for the doll, ask them to park a few blocks away. This way you won’t have to face problems in front of your own house if you feel something is wrong.

3 Bury

For the more romantic, burying your Japanese sex doll is the only solution. The obvious problem with this option is being seen as a serial killer by your nosy neighbour Suzy. So she calls the police, the police dig her up while you try to keep your troll face to a minimum. And when Officer Dick is confronted with a semen-stained Asian sex doll, you unleash a laugh that will haunt Officer Dick until the day he retires. It may sound funny but it’s a huge waste of time.

So if you’re burying Buxom Amy 2.0, consider burying a tree over her to make it look like you’re just planting trees and not bodies. If your neighbour, nosy Suzy, asks you what you’re doing, just say, “I’m planting trees to make oxygen, bitch! What are you doing for the environment? And she’ll say, “Well done, sir! And that would be the end of it. Not only have you honoured your wife with silicone, but you have also continued the circle of life. Out of her death, a beautiful, strong tree will grow. It may be a titty tree or a pussy tree, but one thing is for sure, it will be one hell of a sexy tree. Don’t forget to water this beautiful tree and be proud because you are the planter. This hardwood comes from your hardwood.

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