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Some storage positions of the sex doll

This is the most effective method of storing sexually explicit dolls. The majority of sex dolls have an attached hook on the neck (the head can also be taken off) that can be put in a closet, just as your coat. The doll can then hold her hand in a natural way and without foot or body reaching the floor.

Furthermore the storage solution protects the mini sex doll from exposure to direct sunlight as well as other damage that could be caused by accident.

Check that the rod in your closet is sturdy enough and is able to support all the weight that the bbw sex doll carries. You do not expect to hear a sudden bang in the closet only to find an sex doll that has fallen.

Option #1 Option #1 – Suspension kit for Closet bars. (Provided)

You get two separate hook kits. One hook is able to support the total body weight and size of the doll’s entire body, while the other hook keeps the head in its place.

A suspension hook lets the doll keep its skeletal structure and joint. It also helps prevent flattening of body components, that can happen in other forms of storage for teen sex doll, such as placing it in an air case or leaving it sitting or lying upon your mattress.

Option #2 – Industrial storage rack

A rack for storage that is industrial is an ideal option for those who don’t have closets. These racks are spacious enough to store all of your sex doll’s clothes as well as accessories for love dolls. It is possible to purchase dust bags to keep your sex cloth cheap sex doll protected from dust too.

Option #3 Head stand

Head stands are also available which you can buy that let you show your girl’s head to the world. Looking at her gorgeous eyes and lips each day will put a spring into your step. The stands can also be used to store any extra wigs you purchase.

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