Some specifics of protecting your doll

After cleaning, ensure that it’s completely dry to avoid the formation of mold.

Utilize a soft or a soft towel for absorbing the moisture and dry it off naturally or using an air-conditioner. Don’t use an appliance for drying hair. Since it is made from TPE, it requires longer and more effort to dry completely and can take up to a few hours. A lot of people make use of electronic or air pump pumps to dry their clothes, which is a great idea. Additionally, gaps are able to be cleaned using Tampons or paper towels.

Store mini sex doll:

A dry, cool and dark spot is recommended. Beware of hard areas because they can make the doll flat and you should avoid any storage equipment that could become brittle. It is preferential to have an even, broad space that is not soft or hard. Make sure there is no bend in the joints.

To store the sex doll for a short period it is recommended to place the sex figure on the top of foam. It is recommended not to keep the doll in one place all the time. Moving or changing positions often can prevent flatness.

To store the doll for long periods, remove the head of the sex figure and put it in a container. If the sex doll is able to be positioned on its feet and leaning against a wall that is cushioned however, it is not advised as it could cause damage to the knee joints.

The maintenance of the shemale sex doll

Dust and clean the dolls frequently to prolong the shelf lifespan of the sex dolls. Be aware of the amount you apply each time, don’t apply too much.

The usual treatment procedure is to wash and dry your body first, after which apply oil evenly over your entire body, and gently massage it. Once the oil has been completely absorption then apply a puff of talcum powder. It is suggested to apply the powder every month, apply oil per three months. Then, then carry out major maintenance every six months.

Why is it important to make sure to oil and dust your doll? The TPE material naturally oils out with period of time. If you oil your doll can help replenish this oil. TPE material can become sticky after a while particularly after cleaning, which is why dusting can smooth skin and keep the doll from becoming stuck to the dust.

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