Some pointers for preserving your sex doll

1.Search for the limits of your sex doll‘s motion.
2.Long gloves/slippers, long socks and fresh powder make her much easier and also much safer to dress.
3 Be very cautious with her fingers when moving, placing or clothing her.

Huge Tits Sex Doll

4 For long term storage space, maintain her existing relaxed on a soft, colourless surface area, devoid of garments as well as powdered, preferably in the original shipping box. This will certainly reduce any danger of damage, wrinkling, deformation and also stress on the silicone or TPE joints.

5 Always clean your brand-new garments in case they stain. Particularly black and also dark colours.

6 If it has finger cords, touch the inside to make sure they are centred, if not pull the fingertip a little, centre the cord and afterwards release the fingertip.

7 If it is hefty, bend your knees with your back straight and use the strength of your legs to raise it, do not use your back as a crane.

8 If you heat a mini sex doll with an electric blanket, constantly use the lowest heat setup and check it usually in case it creates a location.

9 If you wish to bathe her, maintain her neck as well as head out of the water.

10 If she remains in the shower, remove her head (do not wash her in the shower) and also put a plastic bag with a rubber band around the neck of her torso to prevent water from entering her spinal column.

11 Avoid direct sunshine on the skin for long periods of time as it can cause discolouration.

12 Silicone as well as TPE will certainly last much longer if kept in between 5 and 35 levels Celsius.

13 Avoid dirty locations as silicone and also tpe sex dolls are both sticky and electrostatic, which suggests they will certainly require to be cleaned much more frequently.

14 You can nibble her delicately, but do not attack her.

15 Above all, give her great deals of love as well as treat her like your princess.

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