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Some notes from mini love doll

Since some countries aren’t particularly welcoming to mini sex doll that are small So, we opt for a safe special line of shipping method. The cheap sex doll will be delivered by FedEx or UPS in complete secrecy.

The advantage is that we clear customs in our own name, pay taxes, and assume the full risk of your purchase. You don’t have to go through customs clearance or pay more than. (This is crucial for the majority of European customers). The downside is that the tiny sex doll is delivered via Flight-Delivery, first, and the delivery time is 10 to 12 days. It is possible to check the tracking details of UPS within 8 days of the shipment. In the meantime, if you require other shipping options, Please contact me.

If there is a issue with clearance, our company will be responsible for all issues and not take any responsibility for customers.

Privacy Policy

We’re committed to safeguarding your privacy. Without your permission in this case we do not disclose your name, e-mail address or other personal details to inform other trustworthy traders. The package writes without any information about ALDOLL. According to our internal security guidelines we store personal information that is used in a secure manner.

1. The packaging is a neutral box without print, it’s a the plain brown carton. There are no product details in the package.

If you are shipping your purchase via the “Secure Special Line”, we will clear customs in your the name of your own, and your private information will not be viewed by Customs officers. The most important is that we’ll pay the tax and we will take the risk with your purchase.

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