Some information about the doll is sex

The principal materials used by the dolls that are sexually active are silicone or TPE, that are soft and pliable materials however, the plastic materials are porous and let for the skin on the doll’s body to absorb water, and retain the look and feel but they are also vulnerable to staining. For instance, if we wear dark or clothes that are tight for our love doll, as time passes, the color on the outer garments will seep to the skin dolls and leave marks which can have a major influence on how the doll looks.

I’m sure people in the group who have had the experience of “clean and take care of sex doll” are aware that regardless of whether it’s TPE dolls or silicone doll, they’ll encounter the issue of oil-based pollution. The primary reason is the fact that some percentage of industrial grease has to be used when making dolls in order to guarantee the quality and feeling for the doll. TPE dolls make use of industrial white oil, while silicone dolls make use of silicone oil. When in storage and use the bbw sex doll releases grease which helps to smooth the epidermis and providing lubrication. This is what we commonly refer to as the phenomenon known as oil production.

The dust in the air will be absorbed by the surface of the mini sex doll because of the production of grease. The smaller areas of the body can be cleaned immediately with soapy water and then clean the entire body with a moist towel and dry it. However, if the the baby’s skin is affected over a large portion it is suggested to apply the olive oil, or industrial white oil to treat. The first step is to evenly apply the oil onto the affected area, then gently clean the dust off with an absorbent towel (pure cotton thin) in a continuous manner in accordance with the level of elimination.

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