Some ideas on sex dolls

The concept that sex is something that males obtain from women or do to them, as well as not something that both sexes can gain from each other, is still firmly entrenched in the way of thinking.

Initiatives to develop extremely innovative and also realistic realistic sex doll need to be accompanied by far better sex education in schools, where approval, sensitivity and also sex-related pleasure are shown. Yet the capitalist patriarchy is a lot more worried with the enjoyment of an erection than with taking apart the harmful maleness that keeps females submissive and also males sexually terrible or aggravated.

It has taken decades to inform guys – and also women too, for that matter – about women sex-related enjoyment, and there is still a long way to go.

Best Sex Dolls

Since the dawn of time, female sexuality has been either ignored, misinterpreted or gone over in the context of male pleasure. Vibrators themselves were initially created by guys to treat female hysteria.

Yet we have finally gone into a wave of sexual revolution that is slowly bringing equal rights in sex.

In the end, cheap sex dolls are just as problematic as the men who utilize them and it is not our place to ban or stigmatise them.

Nobody can tell you just how you should or should not leave, and we must accept other people’s sexual orientations, even if they don’t match our own, since that’s what sex positivity is.

Perhaps someday sexy doll will be normalised and also as usual as sphere and bunny vibes, however we’ll never ever get there if we perpetuate the preconception around them.

To get there, we have to continue to fight for equal rights, raise understanding of authorization and also teach what a healthy sex life resembles.

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