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Some hints for the sex doll

Vaseline and Nivea cream

The crotch being an area that is prone to stress and is prone to stress, it is recommended that every month you put Nivea cream to the vagina and crotch since it is a mineral oil based product and quickly absorbs by the TPE. Mineral oil makes TPE flexible and soft. If it were to dry out, tears or rips could occur, so it is crucial to take extra care of the vagina and the crotch. The creme of Nivea should be left on for about 6 hours to allow it to soak in the body. To protect yourself you can apply Nivea each time you use the pores.

For a quick review,

Vaseline and Nivea cream:

For all joints: elbows, armpits (inside and outside) as well as knees (inside or outside) and around the ankle.

Private areas and the wrinkles on the skin of your thighs.

Baby oil containing mineral oils (paraffinum liquidum) is generally good for all sex doll.

Be aware that Vaseline or Nivea cream, as well as baby oil can remove the makeup off the breast, face and the vagina of the cheap sex doll as well as self-applied makeup.

You may prefer to stay clear of those areas , or take care and avoid rubbing it into.

TPE Rehydration

Every month, it is recommended to water the whole doll with mineral oil to ensure that the teen sex doll is in its original condition. Similar to washing your mini sex doll, apply baby oil on the front portion of the body. Wait about 2 hours to absorb and then flip the doll upside down and repeat. Make sure you remove the baby’s hair prior to applying oil to her body. Vaseline can be applied to stress-prone areas like the crotch, armpits, and vagina. It takes approx. 12 hours to absorb. Vaseline and Nivea cream have more mineral oil that baby oils. To hydrate the whole body babies oil will be your best option.

It is possible to remove dark and sticky spots caused by dirt and dust (not dark stains caused by pigments caused by clothing that is not washed) using Q-tips, baby oil or a small piece of towel. Apply the baby oil and then wipe lightly over the area to remove it.

Many people are able to stain their flat chested sex doll. The best way to prevent staining is washing clothes by sink. Then, you change the water and do it again until you have water that is clean.

Once the clothing is dry, put it in a wrap around an insert or TPE material. After that, you put an item like a book or similar onto it to provide the weight.

Of course the vagina, anus and mouth, if utilized will require extra attention.

The love holes – using Lube

It may be unexpected, but it’s not necessary to use water-based lubrication for sexual contact in your child. It is perfectly safe to make use of Vaseline as well as baby oil as a an alternative to lubricant. If you decide to make use of regular lubricant, ensure that it is water-based, not silicone-based. Inject vagina if she is using Inserts, below are a few suggestions.

1. Apply baby oil to lubricate the insert

2. Apply Vaseline or baby oil around the opening

3. Put a couple of fingers into the hole. Then, use a second hand to open to the insert hole. Do this by lifting it up

( the legs of her are already stretched out obviously)

4. Start by lining things up and before inserting the insert

5. Use your fingers to wiggle the insert until they are inside to take them out

If you insert the cleaned and dry insert using vaseline or baby oil it’s normal to find that the insert will be snug within the cavity.

This is fantastic! It is possible to leave your doll’s insert within it.

It’s a good idea to include an additional insert to allow for changing.

After sex, insert the insert in a tampon.

1. There is nothing to come out when you take the insert off.

2. The tampon absorbs much of the fluid in the insert

Cleanse and dry the insert.

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