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So what happens when you add an sex doll to your relationship?

With a height of 135cm and with a functional mouth, anus, vagina and soft, soft silicone skin Meghan has been a part of Scott’s life for the past five years.

He’s been married for more than Marie 29 years his fiancée.

Marie is 29 years old, she is a nurse, mother, and is engaged to Scott. Scott 39, the businessman, runs an incredibly successful company as a father and also owns Meghan the life-like doll of sex.

Meghan was in Scott’s family for two decades prior to the time he got to know Marie during an interview for a job with his company. When Scott was completely absorbed in his job and was frustrated by the relationship scene, a doll with a sex seemed like a good idea.

A time when it was considered taboo to be a part of the public and now sex dolls are increasing in popularity at an alarming pace. A cheap sex doll such as Meghan can cost between PS1300 and the region of PS2,000. in the UK the market for sex dolls is on the rise including Silicone Sex World, one of the leading UK suppliers of sex dolls that are high-end, forecasting a growth of 200% in sales over the course of in the year before.

Although Marie confesses to having sex toys have never been appealing to her, once the relationship between her and Scott was sexually charged He soon began to tell her about Meghan and showed her some photos of him and his doll and then went through the reasons she was his.

The doll was the open and if I had to walk over to Scott’s, I’d have stumbled onto it very quickly and easily,’ Marie says to

With a ‘don’t doubt it till you’ve tried it’ mindset she was open and interested.

“But of course the first time you tell someone about an unusual fetish, there’s still room for doubt,’ she adds.

Fortunately that for Marie and Scott their first meeting about Meghan was not a tense one.

We’re both very transparent about our sexuality and sexual orientation,’ says Scott. “And Marie found it to be quite cool.’

“At the beginning, I felt intrigued but also a bit nervous about it,’ Marie told us. “My personal experience is this that if the doll is getting more attention than me, that’s where I’d mark the boundary.

“But here is where communication is the key. Scott and I have a variety of kinds of sexual preferences. Nobody is a mind reader So every moment is crucial to discuss.’

“There’s ever been a moment when I was more interested in the flat chest sex doll than my own mother Scott explains Scott. So it never was an issue.’

Since the birth of Meghan, Scott has been keeping a blog that documents their adventures.

“I initially intended to share my recent experiences with silicone sex doll to dispel some skepticism about it, and also help others explore their interests as well,’ Scott says.

Even within the doll fetish group the readers of Scott’s blog expressed surprise that he might be engaged while possessing a doll. They were under the belief that tpe sex dolls are owned by people who are not able to maintain relationships. The confusion that Marie existed led to Scott posting photos of side-by-side Marie as well as Meghan to rebuke those who criticize him.

Although occasionally they appear on the same blog and often engage in explicit sexual activities, Marie asserts that Meghan and the realistic sex doll , are the property of Scott.

“Honestly, dolls didn’t interest me”, Marie says. Marie. I mostly use Meghan as a means for me to “play” with my partner. As I do with some things I do for him that I love.’

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