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Skin cleaning and care of a sex doll

The anal, vaginal as well as the oral cavity of the mini sex doll must be cleaned after each use to prevent the the growth of bacteria.

If the vagina of the teen sex doll is repaired using the vaginal irrigator supplied to clean the canal using an anti-bacterial mild soap. After the canal is thoroughly cleaned, rinse the canal thoroughly with clean water (use the vaginal irrigator) until soap has been gone. The canal should be dried thoroughly.

If the vagina is able to be removed You can wash it with water running.

To dry the oral and vaginal orifices, we suggest using Tampons. A few of our clients successfully utilize pumps such as mattresses pumps and aquarium pumps, to ensure that all moisture is eliminated from the cavity. Some have also used an ordinary sponge placed on sticks to achieve the success. When the cavity is dry If you would like to disinfect it, apply hydrogen peroxide at 3 percent. Spray it onto an tampon and then let it sit in the refrigerator for about a half hour. Don’t use alcohol to disinfect since it can cause the TPE to dry.

Skin care

Make sure to dust your doll regularly with baby powder to prevent the skin becoming slightly sticky.

To extend and maintain the life span of your flat chested sex doll you should apply baby oil to the entire body at least once per month (baby oil absorbs within 30-60 mins). Make use of a cotton towel or makeup brushes. This will assist in helping the TPE retain its original softness. Also, the tactile sensation will be enhanced and also the TPE’s resistance to stretching cracks. Stretchy areas like between the arms and legs may also require additional attention Apply Vaseline or Nivea’s cream regularly on a weekly basis. It could take 6 to 12 hours to absorb. Avoid alcohols or hydrocarbons (like toluene, benzene, as well as the Xylene) and acetone because they dry out TPE and make it more susceptible to tear or tear.

If, however, your baby doll’s body is composed from silicone, do not use products for care that contain mineral oils (baby oil vaseline, baby oil, Nivea creme) as they can cause silicone to become hard.

Take note that Vaseline or Nivea cream, as well as baby oil could remove the makeup from the breast, face and the vagina of your sex doll along with any makeup that you apply yourself. Beware of applying it in these areas , or be extremely cautious and don’t rub it in.

Be sure that the clothes you put on your cheap sex doll are color-transfer resistant. Make sure to wash at least twice the clothes or underwear that is included in the box prior to putting the item for your own doll. The discoloration of clothing and underwear, particularly those with darker colors, may stain the surfaces on the doll. The stain can be easily taken off, but it could take a long time.

Be sure to use water-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubes can harm the skin of your flat chested sex doll.

Avoid direct sunlight, as this could hinder the premature aging process of the TPE/silicone materials.

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