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Search information for the term “Sex playthings”

Per 100,000 adults, Swedes searched for the term “Sex toys” more than twice as much as any other nation in Europe and more than three times as many as any kind of state in the United States. In a state-by-state contrast in the united state, it is clear that the outcomes are comparable, with no state numerically leading. In the US, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Maine round out the leading 3. In Europe, the leading three nations are Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Browse information for the term “Sex dolls”

Italy is one of the most looked nation for ‘sex doll‘, with an average of 326.6 searches per month, 3 times greater than any kind of US state. The leading 3 nations in Europe include Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands. United state states were really enclose searches, with Louisiana at No. 1, Mississippi in runner-up, as well as Oklahoma, Texas, as well as Wyoming connected for 3rd.

Search data for the keyword phrase “Dildos”.

Monthly look for “dildos” are highest in Norway at 285.4, implying it is preferred in Norway, while Europe Norway, and also Sweden both top the list for Dildos searches. It is a lot more preferred in Europe than in the United States, where the top-ranked state for look for “vibrators” is Alaska with 181 regular monthly searches, with West Virginia and also North Carolina well behind Alaska.

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