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Silicone Sex Dolls Pros


Do you have any information about the silicone mini sex doll?

* It is more resistant to staining and water. It is also it is easier to clean and be cleaned.

* It is extremely resistant to heat, and can be integrated with heat systems or be heated over a a longer duration of time

* Silicone is able to keep its form and withstand weight

It is non-porous, and therefore is more easy to clean and sterilize.

* It is hypoallergenic and smells similar to TPE material.

* Silicone flat chested sex doll possess the most realistic anal and vaginal cavities. This can be beneficial for greater sex experiences

Silicone Sex Dolls Cons

It is thicker and is more solid in comparison to TPE teen sex doll. The butt and breasts won’t sway when you move them between your hands.

* It’s more expensive, particularly for larger sizes models.

Some customers have reported that it may be sticky, and it is advised to make use of baby powder

Some customers have complained that silicone dolls are less durable than TPE.

It is now time to choose a japanese sex doll that suits your needs best. Both materials have flaws and strengths, difficult to choose. However, don’t worry about deciding between these two options. When you have made your decision regardless of which one you choose, they will provide you with an unsatisfactory sexual experience. Of of course, the most effective method is to test both TPE dolls for sex and silicone dolls to help you decide for yourself.

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