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Silicone dolls VS tpe dolls? Which doll should I buy?

Are you looking for a realistic sex doll that looks like a mini sex doll? You are confused about which sex toys to purchase. TPE, or silicone doll? Today I will briefly explain the differences between silicone and TPE dolls.

Advantages of silicone dolls for sex PK tpe

You can tell the difference between a teen sex dolls and a flat sex doll.

The silicone-like cheap sex dolls have a harder feel. TPE dolls are more comfortable than tpe dolls. Although silicone dolls are also very soft, the price will be higher. This will affect the prices of sex toy torso from different websites.

Differentiate from skin texture

The silicone doll performs better than TPE dolls. The silicone doll will perform better because it is made of a slightly harder material. Simulated handprints and details cannot be done with silicone dolls. TPE soft dolls are not able to perform well.

From material anti-aging distinction:

Silicon dolls of high quality are resistant to extreme temperatures, low temperatures and acid. They also resist corrosive items. However, silicone dolls rarely react to any other substances. TPE dolls do not withstand high temperatures and are less resistant to aging than silicone products.

Differentiate from the sale price

The raw material for the silicone doll costs several times more than the TPE soft plastic doll. TPE soft plastic dolls are also more expensive than silicone dolls. TPE soft plastic dolls can cost from $800 to over two thousand dollars. However, silicone dolls are generally more expensive than tpe dolls of the same height. For example, if a 148cm doll sells for $ 1,200, then a 148cm doll will cost around $ 2,500. The manufacturer is also a factor in the cost.

You can tell the difference between the smell and the taste:

TPE dolls can have different flavors or more flavors. Silicone sex dolls are odorless. If your doll is fragrant, it’s most likely made of genuine tpe material. This is true for some high-end tpe dolls like the WM brand tpe. These dolls are completely safe and harmless to the human body. However, the price tag is higher than others.

The Aldoll silicone dolls are made from platinum-silica and a composite metal by joint compounding. It feels almost like real skin and can be nearly fake. The head, body, chest, and legs are all done. Form a beautiful doll. You can play with the doll as a charming, charming, beautiful, and considerate little lover.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a silicone or TPE soft-plastic doll, the quality and safety of your product will be assured. Aldoll is a trusted online doll shop that guarantees safety and quality. Our products adhere to the highest standards and are fully compliant with safety regulations.

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