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Sex robots and dolls: A cultural phenomenon

Public interest and media attention has been significant in the production of lifelike sex robots and sex dolls. Documentaries, porn, Hollywood films, television shows, and academic conferences have all covered sex dolls and robots. In many countries, there are already mini sex doll brothels where men can rent females sex dolls per hour. Representatives from the sex industry claim that the innovation of sex robot technology is a major trend in the industry and is the “game-changer” and “way of the future.”

Academic supporters of the products are not often aware of the highly gendered nature sex robots and dolls. These dolls and robots overwhelmingly feature female embodies, often designed to be pornographic. Research shows that the majority of sex-doll owner are men. Similar gender roles are applied to child sex dolls, which are modeled after prepubescent girls’ bodies. I have yet to see a flat chest sex doll with a male body. These dolls are essentially lifelike representations of girls and women, marketed for sexual use by men.

Female-bodied sex robots and realistic sex doll are not properly placed within the larger cultural context in which they were produced. This includes a culture in which there is gender inequality, where men abuse women and girls, and where they beat, rape, abused, and prostitution. Female-bodied sex toys reinforce female subordination and gender objectification within an existing system that favors male dominance and female subordination. This is despite the fact that many academics support the production of these products for male sexual use. Some even advocate cheap sex doll for therapeutic purposes for child rapists. I find this approach both irresponsible and misguided.

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