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 Sex Research Reports – A staggering number of Sex Dolls as Ideal Companions

A study published in The International Journal of Sex Research August 2022 found that the majority of “female-sized sex toys” (life-size dolls with human characteristics) believes that sex toys are romantic companions. They are also more likely to have hostile attitudes towards real-life women, according to the study.

Jeanne C. Desbuleux is the author of this article and a researcher at the Institute of Sexuality at University of Duisburg–Essen. She says: “We have been following criticisms and debates in the media and academia over the use of super realistic, sex dolls. However, such debates don’t support much relevant research data. “

“Some countries and regions have passed laws banning real japanese sex doll due to moral controversies. We did this research because traditional religion and culture tend to stigmatize irregular sexual behaviour. “

These new studies gathered data from 217 users of sex dolls. Respondents ranged in age from 18-77 years, with an average age of 43 years. 91.7 percent of respondents identified themselves as males, 2.3% were females, 2.3% were non-binary, 2.09% was other and 67.7% as heterosexual.

The questionnaire collected data from respondents about their sociodemographic and sexual preferences, how dolls are used, how dolls are objectified and objectified, as well as real-life kindnesses and hostility to women. A question was also open to the respondents: “How have you changed your perception of women’s image after using sex toys?”

Half of respondents stated that life-size teen sex doll were ideal companions. Or sex dolls can be temporary partners.

Half of respondents stated that they only used shemale sex doll for sex.

Many respondents were single or divorced men who preferred sex dolls that were lifeless and incapable of moving or talking.

Many respondents said that they might feel alienated from women or objectify them. For example, “The first thing I notice about a woman when I contact her is her body”, and “women talk about love mostly to hurt or fulfill another purpose”. This could be why they have an emotional attachment to sex toys. They are more likely not to marry or have children if they believe that real human partners will be less attractive.

Similar findings have been reported in previous studies. Men may buy sex dolls to compensate for hurt relationships. The Sun wrote that some men believe sex dolls are better than women because they can be emotionally dependent on them. According to the report, a cheap sex doll user stated that “the doll doesn’t ask for you to say or make anything” and “I can explore my love fantasies as I please.”

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