Sex dolls do not objectify people

Sex dolls do not objectify people

Sex dolls do not objectify people, people do.

We bring up the second reason: Rich Juzwiak (who co-hosts Slate’s How To Do It) provided his own response to the End Of Life Letter.

Juzwiak suggests that it may be a good idea to own one in the future after his wife’s passing.

He writes, “I can understand your fear of these dolls objectifying females, but it’s not the teen sex doll that objectify them, it’s the people.” “Sex dolls can be very elaborate and they don’t objectify women in the same way that a realistic dildo objectifies your penis or your right-hand objectifies your orifice.

Time for support and sympathy

You can agree or disagree with Juzwiak’s reasoning, but what is most important about his response? The idea of using sex toys to combat the emotional pain caused by social isolation.

He offers support and sympathy, not berating or blaming someone in extreme pain.

We are not alone, regardless of whether we use sex doll to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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