Sex dolls are banned: is it an infringement or human right?

An older man believes that having a sex doll is superior to being in an actual relationship with a woman because, unlike real women the dolls don’t suffer from moods or issues with menstruation.

“I would purchase one in a heartbeat if could, as there are many advantages of owning one, particularly in this day and age of sexually transmitted diseases. First , I’m assured of a healthy relationship since the doll won’t lie to me. They’re not in the world of material things and will remain loyal.

“I also don’t have to worry about monthly periods and cramps, or the irritability and mood swings that accompany relationships with a normal woman,” he told me.

The author also stated that dolls who sex will not provide any timeframe for when they wish to have a relationship.

“The government is currently violating our rights as citizens. It is impossible for anyone to know my actions within my private home, or even the bedroom. The government should allow me to able to purchase and import an sex doll whenever I want without fear of being detained.

“There are more serious issues to deal with in this country than these dolls,” he added.

Others on the bus appeared to like him and contributed to the debate , arguing that using the dolls will also aid in stopping spreading HIV infection.

The passengers on the bus decided to not speak, and the discussion continued. Men resorted to using the local dialect.

Contrary to the opinions of men regarding the use of dolls for sexual gratification, the law bans pornographic material as per the police.

A spokesperson for the police Esther Mwaata Katongo explained in an official statement that the objects are considered to be obscene and their sale, importation or possession is unlawful in Zambia.

Ms Katongo referenced Section 177(1) in the Penal Code of the Laws of Zambia that states that anyone who creates or produces or is in their possession any drawing, writing engraving, painting print, poster, image emblem, photograph motion picture film or other obscene matter that could corrupt morality will be guilty of a crime and is liable for prison or a fine.

However, this hasn’t hindered Zambians from purchasing these items throughout the years.

Certain Zambians are, however, to be unaffected by the law since they’ve shared photos of themselves wearing the life-like dolls they have on their social networks platforms, refusing to let the police find them.

Reverend Sumaili spoke of Romans 1:24-27 “Therefore God has also given them over to impurity in the lusts of their hearts, that they may dishonour one another, who exchange the truth of God for a lie, who worship and speak to the creature rather than to the Creator, who is great forever.”

She stated that the Bible informs people of the necessity of not using natural items of the creation of God designed and how God created us.

“God created man and woman to come together, not an article to replace a man, or an article to replace a woman. This is totally unacceptable and unnatural. It is an abomination before God,” she declared.

Reverend Sumaili says his belief that Zambian Constitution also talks about human values and dignity.

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