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Sex doll wig guide

How do you keep, clean and maintain the hair wig?

This helpful guide explains the brushing, attachment as well as the maintenance and storage of realistic sex doll wigs designed at adults. A stunning, well-maintained and maintained wig could be one of the most affordable investment one can make to upgrade the look of a mini sex doll. With a change of the wigs on your doll, it could take on a new look, with a completely new look. Another reason to be careful with it.

This article doesn’t cover hair implants directly on the skull of the cheap sex doll. Certain brands such as Wmdolls or ALDoll provide this option. We will discuss the care of hair that is implanted on your head within a subsequent article.

Before putting the new wig on the head of your beloved bbw sex doll, we suggest that you first wash it. This can prevent any unpleasant surprises. Like a brand new outfit it is possible for a new wig to make the flat chest sex doll‘s skin look stained. Make sure that the interior of your wig does not appear dark.

How do you keep, clean and maintain the hair wig?

For synthetic materials, be sure that the wig is untangled prior to considering washing. We suggest washing after 15 use. The washing process is done in a basin containing cold water, and a tiny amount of wig shampoo can be added. Rinsing must be carried out using clear water.

When the wig composed of human hair, then the same procedure is to be followed, replacing hot water with cold.

In both instances it is not recommended to use the hair shampoo straight on the hair. After you have rinsed, wipe the wig using an absorbent towel and allow it to dry on the air.

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