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Sex Doll Surprised Him With Realistic Face And Body

Since he was still a virgin, he forced himself to buy a love doll from aldoll. The sex doll’s realistic face and body surprised him, and his skin looked like a real girl. He knew his dream would come true because he loved the doll.

This relationship can be difficult at times, it’s a relationship between two people. If you make a promise, you must keep it. Ask your partner if they can buy sex dolls. Sex dolls are just sex toys, not real people.

Wet dolls are slippery, be careful when handling them. Put your doll on a towel on the bed or bench and dry her with the towel. Do not blow dry your WM doll with a hairdryer. You can try spreading your legs and using a small fan to speed up the drying. Once the doll is completely dry, apply some baby powder all over the body, then apply some baby oil (not too much) and massage all over the body.

Stylish and modern girl with a sexy body. Her nipples are small and her ass is tight. She is fit, but not very thin. Feeling her skin and breasts will give you a comfortable touch. The two nipples are very cute, and immediately arouse sexual desire when they suck. Most importantly, such a hot and sexy girl, willing to do whatever she wants.

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