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Sex Doll Maintenance

sex doll caring

A lot of customers have questions on how to maintain their authentic bbw sex doll, and how to maintain and clean the doll, or how to fix the sex doll in the event that there is a chance that the TPE or Silicone is cut or torn up. Check out the below instructions in which we will explain the next.

How do I unbox and then set up an adult doll?

It is essential to keep the box level and open it up flat to the ground. Check the contents, then remove the wrapping material with care to prevent breaking fingers or nails Also, ensure that you don’t take anything after removing all protection materials.

After you have removed the doll from the box, place it on a flat surface such as couch or a bed to prevent falling over any body part.

How do I transfer my doll when it’s fresh?

Be aware that a doll is not a person, and should be handled with care. When a flat chest sex doll is new joints, they may appear stiff. Be careful when moving the doll’s legs. After a few days, joints will begin to become more flexible. If you wish to move legs and arms to place your doll in any position, be sure to return the limbs to the straight position after changing positions (e.g. bent arms up, return to straight posture and bend at the sides for a different posture).

General advice on custom sex doll care:

We suggest using soap with neutral pH to wash silicone and TPE mini sex doll. Avoid using chemicals alcohol, chemicals or other stain removers for general use.

Make sure your child is kept in a dry location and keep her away from extreme humidity and heat.

Certain clothes may fade or stain skin. We advise against pressing clothes on the skin of anime sex doll during use.

When you are storing your doll, it is advised to keep your legs and arms straight so that they don’t harm either the skin of the doll or the.

It is possible to use makeup, but be cautious when applying and getting rid of makeup. Avoid makeups that contain chemicals or oils Use only water-based makeup. Don’t use makeup removers that contain alcohol. Be cautious with perfumes since they may contain alcohol. Spray the hidden areas on your doll.

Avoid hot or sharp objects near your cheap sex doll. Avoid razors, irons, etc.

Baby Powder

It is vital to remember that TPE and silicone love dolls are fragile and require extra care. We also suggest using Baby powder in order to maintain your beloved doll fresh and clean.

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